Best Price of PLA corn fiber mesh roll with customized label for Health tea bags

The degradable material made of plant starch can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water in the soil of the natural environment. It is a new generation of environmentally friendly products. The thread tag can also be made of degradable resin. We can provide standard label tags (2*2cm), and can also customize personalized LOGO tags according to customers.

Special tags: large rounded label, round label, triangle, butterfly label, panda label.

  • Material: PLA corn fiber
  • Shape: Triangle/Rectangle
  • Application: Tea/Herbal/Coffee
  • MOQ: 1roll;6000pcs/roll
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    PLA corn fiber mesh roll with customized label






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    PLA corn fiber mesh roll with special shape label

    PLA mesh roll is made of PLA corn fiber, this kind of new material is degradable, so after it production becomes empty triangle heat seal tea bag with tag, it will keep the corn fiber good characteristic. After being buried in the soil for one year, the strength will disappear and degrade. If it is buried with other wastes, it can decompose in a few months. The degradation products are harmless lactic acid, carbon dioxide and water. No toxic substances will be produced during combustion.

    As degradable teabag material,  the pla tea bag mesh roll with tag can be Customizable,we have automatic professional tag printing machine, can meet various requirement. The ordinary tag size is 2cm*2cm, we also accept the abnormity tag, we can meet customers' various label requirement.

    The corn fiber mesh roll with logo can reduce the cost for customers to purchase the tagging machine, and can also reduce the time for customers to customize the logo. It can be achieved in one step. It is worth reminding that the pla corn fiber mesh roll’s logo material is also PLA, which truly realizes pure natural pollution-free, good to environment.

    PLA corn fiber mesh roll with label for tea bags

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