Wholesale PLA Corn Fiber Mesh Roll For Healthy Tea/Triangle Tea Bags

The corn fiber mesh material has high transparency, strong sense of permeability, short extraction time, quick soup, and the texture is not easily deformed. The corn fiber is easily decomposed after being discarded, which protects the environment.

  • Material: PLA corn fiber
  • Shape: Triangle/Rectangle
  • Application: Tea/Herbal/Coffee
  • MOQ: 1roll;1000m/roll
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    PlA corn fiber mesh roll

    Corn fiber is abbreviated as PLA: It is a synthetic fiber made by fermentation, conversion into lactic acid, polymerization and spinning. Why is it called "corn" fiber tea bag roll? It uses corn and other grains as raw materials. Corn fiber raw material comes from nature, it can be composted and degraded under appropriate environment and conditions, can be completely degraded into H2O and CO2 to realize natural circulation. It is a popular promising and environment-friendly material in the world.

    Now it is popular use PLA Corn Fiber mesh roll to produce the tea bags. As tea bags material, Corn Fiber has great advantages. 

    1. Biomass fiber, biodegradability.

    For those who care about the environment, natural explanations this kind of tea package rolls can reduce the burden of environmental pollution.

    2. Light, natural mild touch and silky luster

    Tea&Herbal is kind of healthy drink, mild touch and silky luster tea&Herbal packaging can match the quality of tea. It is welcome by tea/cooking area use this kind of transparent disposable pla tea bag.

    3. Natural flame retardant, bacteriostatic,non-toxic and pollution prevention.

    The natural flame retardant make the tea or herbal bag drying and hygiene. Bacteriostatic make the tea and herbal keep flesh with PLA Filter Bag.

    PLA corn fibet mesh for tea

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