V60 Paper Coffee Filter Cone Coffee Filter Paper

nature wood pulp,free of fluorescence and bleach free of harmful subsrances keeps coffee pure.Cone shape design to maintain the aroma of coffee and fully release the essence of coffee.It adopts high temperature blanking and contains no adhesive.Ensure that it is not easy to break during the brewing process and is easy to adsorb fine coffee powder.

  • Material: Wood
  • Shape: Cone,V60
  • Application: Coffee
  • MOQ: 100PCS
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    filter paper for coffee

    Coffee filter paper, as the name suggests, is used to filter coffee. The utility model has many fine holes, and the shape is basically a circular shape which is convenient for folding; Of course, there are also coffee drip bag filter paper with corresponding structures used by special coffee machines

    1. coffee bag filter paper is a disposable product. New coffee filter paper(known as powder residue filter) is required to filter coffee every time, Therefore, the coffee filter paper will be more clean and sanitary, and the filtered coffee taste will be better.

    2. Through investigation and research, it is found that coffee filter paper can more effectively filter out caffeic alcohol and reduce the risk of raising human cholesterol due to drinking coffee. The filter screen can only filter out coffee residue, but can not filter out caffeic alcohol.

    3. The caffeine filtered by the coffee filter paper lacks caffeinol, so the taste is fresh and bright. However, the presence of caffeinol filtered by the filter screen will make the taste more thick and full.

    4. Our filter paper adopt “ECF bleaching” that means it is very friendly to the environment and human body. It is a wise choice,The bleaching agent used for ECF bleaching is mainly chlorine dioxide (clo_2), which is a highly selective bleaching agent. It can bleach the pulp to the greatest extent, make the whiteness of any kind of pulp reach more than 80%, and retain the pulp strength to the greatest extent. During c/deh or c/de1d1e2d2 drift, if clo_ 2 when the substitution rate of chlorine reaches 70%, highly toxic substances basically do not exist.

    There will be two shape of coffee filter paper; V-shaped paper filter and fan shape coffee paper filter.

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