PLA mesh disposable tea bags eco-friendly material

The tea bag mesh design has strong water permeability and uses natural material corn fiber degradable material without leaking debris. Originated in China, with guaranteed quality and excellent reputation,PLA mesh tea bag is a good companion for tea.

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PLA corn fiber tea bag






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Polylactic acid fiber is a kind of biomass fiber, which is biodegradable. Lightweight, natural and gentle touch and silk-like luster are all its characteristics. The density of PLA is 1.25 g/cm3, which is a light fiber. It can dry quickly when wet with water, without the feeling of sticky and heavy. The Young's modulus of PLA is between polyester and nylon. It feels harder than nylon and softer than polyester. The refractive index of PLA is low, and it has elegant luster like silk. The corn fiber itself does not need to be processed to form a natural and stable antibacterial environment on its surface.
Test method: put the corn fiber tea bag into a clean container, and then pour boiling water directly into the container. If the water quality after soaking is still clear, then the corn fiber tea bag is made of high-quality materials.This tea bag can be used for decoction, hot pot, soup making, beauty, tea making, bathing, etc. If you have need of customization, please do not hesitate to contact us. The corn fiber tea bag has good physical properties of PLA fiber and excellent tensile strength and ductility. Even if it is full of tea, you don't have to worry about breaking the tea bag because of the tea swelling. And this tea bag is delicate and transparent.
Because the material of the tea bag is transparent, the manufacturer will also use better tea. This kind of tea bag has good raw materials, good flavor and is convenient to drink. A quality packaging can leave a good impression on consumers for your brand.

Food Grade Thermostability Material:

We have strictly selected the tea bag made of fiber fabric for you, and passed the EU and FDA food safety certification, which makes each tea bag more exquisite, more liked by users, and more reassuring to users.


If you are worried about the machine's adaptability, we will provide free sample service, and the freight will be paid by the buyer. The general size of the empty tea bag is 5.8 * 7cm /6.5 * 8cm /7 * 9cm, and the general size of the coiled material is 140/160/180mm. For other sizes, please consult our sales staff.

For higher requirements for transportation packaging:

Wrinkling is a normal phenomenon during transportation. This can happen to empty tea bags and coiled materials, which will not be returned or exchanged. If you have higher requirements for transportation packaging, please contact customer service personnel for details.


One-stop Tea Packaging Service:

You can also customize a complete set of tea packaging to us, including aluminum foil bags, self-supporting bags, tea cans, high-end tea gift boxes, handbags, etc. We provide one-stop tea packaging service.

Company profile:

We has more than ten years experience in tea packing and coffee filter bag area and keep on the research, development, production and sales . Our main production is PLA mesh , nylon mesh , Non-woven fabric, coffee filter with food SC standard, along with our research and development improvements, they are widely used in tea bags product,biological,medical. We select high-quality and diversified products for customers to choose to meet the needs of different customers .

Different material:

Nylon mesh material
The nylon mesh empty tea bag is suitable for leaf tea, but not for powder tea. It is cheap and suitable for herbal medicine and leaf tea suppliers. It can be sealed by heat sealer.
PLA corn fiber mesh material
PLA corn fiber mesh empty tea bag is suitable for leaf tea, but not for powder tea. The price is moderate and can be completely degradable, which can also be sealed by heat sealer.
Non-woven Material
Non-woven empty tea bag is suitable for both powder tea and powder tea. Non-woven fabric has many thickness and distinguished by different gram. We often have 18 g / 23 g / 25 g / 30 g four thickness. It can be sealed by heat sealer.
PLA corn fiber non woven material
PLA corn fiber non woven empty tea bag is suitable for both powder tea and powder tea. Degradable without powder leakage and with moderate price, it can be sealed by heat sealer.



How about the packing?
Usually the packing is 1000 pcs empty teabag in resealable bag and then put in cartons.
What's your payment terms?
We accept all kinds of the payment. The safe way is you pay on the Alibaba international website, the international website will transfer to us after 15 days you receive the product.
What is your Minimum Order Quantity and pricing?
The Minimum order is depends on whether customization is required. We can offer any quantity for regular one ,and 6000 pcs for the customized ones.
Can I customize products?
Sure !you can customize the empty teabag and material roll . Different products charge different customization fee.
Can I get a sample?
Of Course! We can send you the sample in 7 days once you confirm. The sample is free, you only need to pay the freight fee. You can send me your address I 'd like to consult the freight fee for you.

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