PLA Biodegradable Cornstarch Corn Fiber Non Woven Heatseal Fabric Drip Tea Coffee Filter Bag with Tag

  • Material: 100% PLA non woven
  • Shape: Triangle/Rectangle
  • Application: Tea/Herbal/Coffee
  • MOQ: 6000PCS
  • Sealing & Handle: Heat Sealing
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    PLA non woven tea bags


    100% PLA non woven






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    pla non woven triangle tea bag


    Biodegradable pyramid tea bags

    Corn fiber nonwoven tea bags is made of  PLA non woven material. Corn fiber is a PLA plant fiber extracted from corn. It adopts the concept of environmental protection. Due to its high decomposability, it can achieve the effect of environmental protection. The combustion value of PLA fiber is as low as that of paper. After combustion, no nitrogen compounds and other gases are produced, and the final pollution caused by non apricotization is also less.

    The circulation process from raw materials to products: starch begins to be refined into polylactic acid - PLA fiber is made through condensation polymerization - various products are made - and are discarded after use -Buried soil or water treatment - through microbial decomposition - produces carbon dioxide and water - through photosynthesis - into raw starch.

    The Corn Fiber Nonwoven tea bag is fine smooth and transparent. Even the small tea powder and coffee doesn't have to worry about leaking out, and tea bags doesn't affect the penetration of tea quality. large size, whether it's making scented tea, making strong tea, or preparing materials in brine, do what you need! The custom printed tag empty teabags with this material can be brewed in boiling water and boiled repeatedly without worrying about harmful substances. The disposable tea bags also inherits the antibacterial and anti mildew properties of PLA materials, making it easier to store at ordinary times. Packaging with this material makes the tea look higher and healthier.

    Our factory is equipped with professional label printing machine, labeling machines and tea bag production machines. We have a mature service team, and we will be your best business partner.

    compostable tea bags

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