Why do we need filter paper when we make coffee?

Why do we need filter paper when we make coffee?

Many people like to drink coffee, even make coffee. When brewing coffee, if you have carefully observed or carefully understood it, you will know that many people will use filter paper. Do you know the role of coffee Drip Filter Paper  in making coffee? Or if you don't use filter paper to make coffee, will it affect you?

Coffee Drip Filter Bag Paper generally appears in the production equipment of hand brewed coffee. Many coffee filter papers are disposable, and coffee filter paper is very important for the "cleanliness" of a cup of coffee.

In the 19th century, there was no real "coffee filter paper" in the coffee industry. At that time, the way people drank coffee was basically to add coffee powder directly into the water, boil it and then filter the coffee grounds, generally using "metal filter" and "cloth filter".

But at that time, the technology was not so exquisite. There was always a thick layer of fine coffee powder at the bottom of the filtered coffee liquid. On the one hand, this would lead to the more bitter coffee, because the coffee powder at the bottom would also slowly release more miscellaneous bitter substances in the coffee liquid again. On the other hand, many people at the bottom of coffee do not choose to drink it, but pour it directly, resulting in waste.

Later,Coffee Filter Paper Holder was used for brewing coffee. Not only was there no residue leaking, but the speed of water flow also met expectations, not too slow or too fast, which affected the quality of coffee flavor.

The vast majority of filter paper is disposable, and the material is very thin, which is difficult to use even the second time after drying. Of course, some filter paper can be used repeatedly for several times. After boiling, you can take out and use hot water to wash it several times, and then you can use it again.

Therefore, when brewing coffee, the coffee brewed with filter paper has a stronger and cleaner taste. In brewing coffee, the role of filter paper is irreplaceable. Its main role is to prevent coffee powder from falling into the pot, so that the brewed coffee has no residue, so that the coffee flavor can be cleaner and free of impurities.

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