The difference between PLA mesh tea bag and PLA non-woven packing

PLA mesh tea bag and PLA non-woven tea bag,mainly lies in their production process and material structure.

PLA mesh tea bag is made by using PLA film to weave mesh through interlacing and knitting. The mesh structure allows the bag to have good air permeability, which can help maintain the freshness of tea leaves. In addition, the PLA mesh tea bag has a strong tensile strength, good puncture resistance and easy handling, making it more suitable for packaging tea leaves.

PLA non-woven packing, also known as PLA bonded tea bag, is made by bonding PLA fibers through hot pressing or other methods to form a non-woven fabric. This type of fabric has a fluffy texture, good water absorption and high porosity, which can help improve the extraction rate of tea leaves and tea powder. In addition, the non-woven filter bags for tea also has the advantages of lightweight, easy handling and good printability.

In general, PLA mesh tea bag and PLA non-woven tea bag have their own characteristics and advantages according to their respective materials and structures. The selection should be based on actual packaging requirements and needs.

PLA mesh tea bag
PLA non woven packing

Post time: Nov-24-2023