Snus paper filter

The paper filter used for snus is typically a small, pre-portioned pouch or sachet made of paper material. Snus is a smokeless tobacco product that is popular in Scandinavian countries, especially Sweden. The paper filter serves several purposes in snus.

Portion Control: The Snus paper filter helps in controlling the amount of snus that is used in a single serving. Each snus portion is typically pre-packaged in a small, discrete pouch, which ensures consistent and measured dosages.

Hygiene: Snus non woven paper helps maintain hygiene by keeping the snus portion contained. It prevents the user's fingers from coming into direct contact with the moist snus, reducing the risk of transferring germs or causing contamination.

Comfort: The food grade paper filter makes it more comfortable to use snus, as it acts as a barrier between the moist tobacco and the user's gums. This can reduce irritation and discomfort.

Flavor Release: The snus packing filter can also affect the flavor release of the snus. The paper may be perforated or have small openings to allow the release of flavor and nicotine from the tobacco into the user's mouth.

It's important to note that snus is different from other forms of smokeless tobacco, such as chewing tobacco or snuff, in that it is not placed in the mouth directly but is held in the upper lip, typically for a longer duration. The paper filter helps make this usage method more convenient and controlled. Additionally, snus is known for its discreet and relatively odorless nature, which makes it a preferred choice for tobacco users in certain regions.

Snus  non woven paper filter in roll
Food grade Snus paper filter
28g heat seal Snus paper filter

Post time: Nov-07-2023