Senior Coffee Taster


        People who have a deep understanding of coffee, especially those who enjoy handmade coffee, will feel that it is too late to make coffee in the morning on weekdays, but do not want to give up high-quality coffee. At this time, they can choose to buy a blank hanging ear coffee bag, outer packaging and sealing machine to make their own. Since you choose to buy a blank drip coffee bag, you don't have to be limited to the standard hanging ear coffee bag, but you can also choose a ear bag similar to the shape of hand-washed filter paper (V60 model) to further improve the quality of the drip coffee bag. Other local cafes also provide the same service, but because there is no large-scale equipment in the factory, it is basically handmade, and it will not be filled with nitrogen, so the freshness will not last long. However, if you make it one night in advance and drink it the next day, it won't be too big a problem.

hanging ear bag
hanging ear coffee bag

Post time: Feb-27-2023