Making triangle and flat tea bags: Simple yet exquisite tea-brewing skills

Tea, an ancient and elegant beverage, alleviates our daily stress with its unique aroma and taste. Today, we will show you how to make two common types of tea bags: the triangle tea bag and the flat-bottomed tea bag. Let’s explore the exquisite world of tea brewing together.

Triangle Tea Bag

The triangle tea bag is a very practical shape that allows the tea leaves to be suspended in the water better, preventing them from spreading out. Here are the steps to make a triangle tea bag:

Step 1:Prepare the materials: You will need some high-quality tea leaves such as green tea, black tea,and a set heat sealing machine.
Step 2:Select a comfortable size. The size of a triangle tea bag should be based on the amount of tea leaves and the size of your cup.
Step3:Load the tea leaves .
Step4:place them on the machine to seal.
Step5:Hang your tea bag where you like and enjoy its convenience and elegance.

Flat Tea Bag

The flat-bottomed tea bag is a more modern design that protects the tea leaves better due to its envelope-like shape. Here are the steps to make a flat-bottomed tea bag:
Step1:Prepare the materials: high-quality tea leaves,and Proper size tea bags.
Step2:Load the tea leaves.
Step3:place them on the machine to seal.
Step4:you can hang this flat-bottomed tea bag where you like and enjoy its convenience and elegance.

Whether it’s a triangle or flat-bottomed tea bag, they are designed to enhance your brewing experience and make it more organized and convenient. They not only keep your tea leaves fresh but also ensure your tea water remains clear and delicious. So whether you’re a beginner or experienced brewer, try making these two types of tea bags to perfect your brewing skills and add a touch of elegance to your tea time.

Post time: Dec-07-2023