How To Choose The Hanging Ear Coffee Bag

The biggest difference between hanging ear coffee bag and instant coffee is that the inside of coffee filter bag is "coffee powder ground from fresh coffee beans". Since it is fresh coffee beans, it will inevitably lead to slow loss of flavor over time.

1、 Look at the production date

Generally speaking, the best time to drink hanging ear coffee filter is within 2 weeks of the production date. Although each brand will write a shelf life of 6 - 18 months, this is just the shelf life. After opening the Coffee Drip Bag Packaging, the bags that exceed one month can obviously smell stale.Experienced baristas or lovers can even judge how long the coffee has been stored by smell.

2. Look at preservation methods

Some brands with mature technical strength will delay the loss of flavor by filling nitrogen, which can generally extend the best drinking time from 2 weeks to 1 month.

Secondly, if the outer packaging material is thick aluminum foil (refer to potato chip packaging), it can also obtain better fresh-keeping ability than kraft paper.

3. Avoid purchasing super multi coffee bag drip at one time for family use.

I know that the more you buy at a time, the lower the unit price.Just buy a bunch of ear bags with the same flavor before finding products suitable for your taste, and whether you like them or not is a problem.

Remember what I said earlier? Fresh ear bags are the first.

Wish pack can apply the good quality of hanging ear filter bag,the material is food grade and High density, which can effectively filter fine powder, make the whole coffee liquid cleaner . No adhesive, no odor, no precipitation, thickened and densified,High hardness, stable cup hanging.

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Post time: Oct-10-2022