How To Choose The Hanging Ear Coffee Bag- Advanced Edition

You may have drunk a lot of Hanging Ear Drip Coffee Bag. In the Advanced Chapter, you will learn why different coffee bag filter have different tastes, and what are the main influences on them.

"Single product" refers to coffee beans from a "single production area", which is similar to red wine. We usually name a coffee bean by its production area, such as Brazil, Ethiopia and Guatemala

"Blending" refers to the mixing of several coffee beans from different production areas (or different varieties in the same production area). For example, the common "Blue Mountain flavor" is a typical blending coffee. This is because the famous "Blue Mountain coffee" is characterized by balance, neither acid nor bitter. When you see the "Nanshan flavor", you should understand that coffee filter bags is not Blue Mountain coffee, but balanced.

There is no good or bad about single products and matching, only taste and preference. The only way to choose is to drink more, especially several at a time, which is the cup test you heard from the barista.

2. Look at the flavor description

When you look at the package or expression of any ear coffee, you can see such words as jasmine, citrus, lemon, cream, chocolate, honey, caramel, etc.

This is actually a description of the current flavor tendency of Individual Coffee Drip Bags. However, it should be noted that the flavor (or smell) of coffee is a complex flavor, so different people may have different feelings even if they drink the same cup of coffee. This is not metaphysics, and it will be found naturally after drinking too much.

In Taiwan, there is a saying called "divine coffee", which refers to the first time you feel the obvious flavor from coffee, so this cup of coffee is the divine coffee in your life. If it is not for special taste correction and daily drinking of high-quality coffee, it can always be encountered.

So the trick is to drink more

Hanging Ear Drip Coffee
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3. See the treatment method

As we all know, the coffee we drink can not be directly made into drinks by picking it from trees. It requires a pretreatment process to remove the pulp to obtain raw coffee beans. There are many ways to do this, the most common of which are "sunshine" and "water washing".

Generally speaking, the coffee treated by "sunshine method" can retain more flavor, while the coffee treated by "water washing method" can obtain more pure flavor.

4. Check the baking degree

Between the raw coffee beans and a cup of coffee, in addition to processing, it is also necessary to reduce the water content of coffee beans by roasting.

The roasting of the same coffee bean with different roasting depths can also bring different flavor performances, which is a bit similar to cooking. Even if all the ingredients are the same, different masters can make different flavors.

In short, "shallow baking" can retain more local flavor, while "deep baking" can produce stable coffee beans, while bringing burnt taste and caramel like smell.

There is also "medium roasting" between shallow roasting and deep roasting, which especially tests the experience of the coffee roaster and his understanding of this bean

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