Hanging Ear Coffee Filter Bag Roll

It is a kind of packing materials for drip coffee bag, made from high quality and food grade non-woven fabric, adopts the heat sealing and ultrasonic sealing technology , has the good air permeability, the bright appearance. It’s convenient to brew coffee at home and convenient to carry for business trip, can be stored for a long time.

This drip coffee bag shared the competitive price  and the excellent filter-ability makes the non woven coffee bags better than the original paper filter bag. Therefore, it will be different from the ordinary tea bags.It is fashionable, healthy, convenience food grade packing filter material.

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Drip coffee filter bags


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coffee drip bag rolls

If you want to drink a mouthful of mellow coffee quickly and conveniently, it must be ear hanging coffee. The coffee with filter hanging ear coffee drip bag can be brewed and enjoyed immediately, and the flavor of coffee can also be released well by drip filtration.

Compared with going to a coffee shop, it not only saves time and convenience, but also costs a lot less. Drip bag coffee filter way is the most popular coffee making mode at present.

Our company provides hanging ear coffee roll combined with machine automation production, which is suitable for filling coffee powder, saving a lot of time and labor costs.

At present, our most popular coffee is 22D and 27E drip coffee bag filter, which is welded by ultrasonic wave, without adhesive, safe for human body and without odor. It is stable and firm on the cup, with good toughness, full extraction and no odor.

Our hanging ear coffee bags has many styles to choose from brick and stone shapes, round shapes, etc, the filter bags for coffeel bags .Ultrasonic and heat sealing, we also sell those machines, besides we also have carton packaging for hanging ear coffee bags. For details, please check in the outsourcing or contact us.

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