Convenient PLA Non Woven Drawstring Tea Bags For Herbal And Flower Tea

This tea bag is made of PLA non-woven ,it is biodegradable ,and do not need the heat sealing machine ,just draw the string,it usually used to powder tea ,and the powder can not lead out.

  • Material: 100% PLA non woven
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Application: Tea/Herbal/Coffee
  • MOQ: 6000PCS
  • Sealing & Handle: Heat Sealing
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    PLA Non Woven Drawstring Tea Bags


    100% PLA non woven






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    drawstring tea bag


    Disposable Tea Bags

    PLA Nonwoven string tea bag is also called Corn Fiber nonwoven tea bag with strings. We also prefer to call it travel tea bag.

    Do you have favorite loose leaf tea that you want to put in a bag and taste carefully, but you don't have a heat sealing machine to seal it, and you feel very depressed? Here is a kind of tea bag can solve your problem - drawstring tea bag. You can take it out anytime, anywhere, and pour in tea to drink freely,making your life easy.

    The hidden drawstring pull buckle is clean and sanitary, which is different from the traditional threaded tea bag; PLA long fiber non-woven fabric, no broken down, more comfortable to drink tea. Larger capacity, larger size(of course you can make the customized size) and convenient brewing. Wish company scented Tea Bags with String Plant polylactic acid material, food contact safety certification.

    Plant polylactic acid is made from starch materials proposed by renewable plant resources (such as corn). Glucose is obtained from starch by saccharification, and then polylactic acid with certain molecular weight is synthesized by chemical synthesis.

    Good biodegradable performance - safe for the environment

    After use, it can be degraded by microorganisms in the nature and finally form carbon dioxide, which will not pollute the environment. It is very beneficial to protect the environment and is recognized as an environmentally friendly material.

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