Coffee Filter Bag with Tag Extraction

Coffee Filter bag with tag is made of quality non woven with different filter ability. 30G is of medium thickness among all non woven material. At the same time, the same amount of water flow passes through more in this material, compare with 22D and 27E drip coffee bag. And its unique shape like tea bag give you more surprise.

Material:non woven



MOQ: 6000pcs/carton

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Product Description:

We provide you both hanging ear coffee bag and hanging ear coffee bag rolls. Our quality filter paper is imported from Japan, from which the drip coffee filter bag is originated. And they sometimes purchase original material from us. We have deep cooperation with them. The imported material is more thin and the filter water flow is smaller which can provide better extraction to coffee. And we provide you different kind of drip coffee bag for your choice and meet your requirement of special pack of coffee powder.

This is the new product of drip filter bag of tea bag shape. The material is the same as the 30G of drip coffee bag and have customize tag for your logo. If you want to try creative package for your product, pls try this kind!


Non-woven fabric for coffee bags

Low MOQ, high quality tea bag packing material

Excellent heat sealing & tensile strength

Quality filter bag for perfect coffee

Customizable coffee bag packaging materials

Durable and reliable coffee filter bag materials


Product Specification:

Produce Name

Coffee Filter Bag with Tag Extraction






Accept customized logo




Free(Shipping charge)




TT/Paypal/Credit card/Alibaba


Guide for novice buyer:

Drip coffee bag normally have 22D, 27E, 35J, 35P. Among them, 22d and 27e are the best sellers. 27E refers to 27g/m2 non-woven fabric; Dual use of ultrasonic wave and heat sealing, the material is a bit fragile, and with double-layer is special non-woven fabric (PP and PET); 22D refers to 22g/m2 non-woven fabric; Only suitable for ultrasonic machines, the material is relatively soft, and with double-layer is special non-woven fabric (PP and PE )

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Why choose our drip coffee bag?:

Ear coffee originated in Japan and is a simplified version of filter paper. With the hanging ear coffee bag, you can save the special container and become more convenient and fast. We have a deep cooperation with Japan, and they also recognize our products.
So the advantage of our product is good quality.


One stop package service:

In addition to hanging ear coffee bags, we also provide you with a complete set of personalized packaging services, including aluminum foil bags, self-supporting bags, gift paper box, etc. After charging a certain customization fee, you can change your coffee into a new package.


How about the packing?
Usually the packing is 50 pcs empty drip coffee bag in transparent plastic bag and then put 10 bags in cartons ( RTS product ).

What's your payment terms?
We accept all kinds of the payment: L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, T/T, Money Gram, paypal.

What is your Minimum Order Quantity and pricing?
The Minimum order is depends on whether customization is required. We can offer any quantity for regular one, and 6000 pcs for the customized ones.

Can I get a sample?
Of Course! We can send you the sample in 7 days once you confirm. The sample is free, you only need to pay the freight fee. You can send me your address I 'd like to consult the freight fee for you.

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